Holding Hands Network

We want to see your community change.

HelpFinder is a free-to-use platform for everybody, everywhere. Through our network of churches, businesses, and nonprofits, we're offering HelpFinder for your network as well.

Want to get involved?

To get your Network involved:

  1. Use HelpFinder for free to help those in need around your community and city.
  2. Partner with us for your city's own landing page, promotional material package, consulting, and deployment. 
  3. Fill out the form to schedule a chat for more information. 

We're excited to come alongside you as you work to unite and transform your community.

HelpFinder Offers:

  • A free-to-use, powerful platform for anybody who wants to actively engage in changing the lives of others
  • Unique search-filters and tags to attract the faith-friendly community
  • Quality guidelines and standards
  • Personalized promotional materials
  • Consultation/Deployment
  • Network-specific User Groups
  • Sharing/Rating of programs
  • Much More
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