Church Community Construction

Want to build your church's community? 

A question frequently asked is:
"Where can we refer people who need help we can't provide?"

HelpFinder is an answer to that question.

With Churches specifically in mind, HelpFinder has been customized to allow you to add your programs that may not otherwise be listed as a separate nonprofit. 

To get started, you can add your program here:

And learn of detailed benefits to your church here:

Join the Church User Group to jump right in.

HelpFinder offers your church great benefits like these:
  • Exclusively rate programs and impact search results
  • Group-wide sharing of favorite folders
  • See anonymous ratings and feedback given by other members
  • Analytics on about the needs and resources of your area
  • Information on program referral statuses 
  • Personal training and support
  • Connects your church to other HelpFinder churches in the community
  • Uses quality standards to ensure that helpers are comfortable making referrals
  • Includes a ministry-focused "Relational" care category
  • Screens out discriminatory programs
  • Encourages nonprofits and churches to coordinate efforts
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